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 Webmaster | 19 June 2011
Map of communes around Schaffhausen
Several communes have become popular locations locations for expats to relocate to. Described below are the main popular locations.

The Breite – this is almost the default location for expats re-locating to Schaffhausen as it is a large residential suburb in the commune of Schaffhausen not far from the centre of Schaffhausen.

It is a popular choice for families due to nearby facilities such as the swimming pool and football pitches.

It is also located close to the local International school for families who do not want to place their children into the local school system.

Altstadt/Unterstadt – For those wanting to live in the centre of Schaffhausen or in a building with a bit more character, the Altstadt and Understadt are good choices.

Close to all the shops, bars and restaurants in Schaffhausen, it is a great location for expats without kids who would enjoy the convenience of city living.

Factors to be aware of are the intense shortage of parking space and the noise that comes with living in the centre.

Flurlingen – Widely regarded as the most exclusive location in the area, Flurlingen is a small wine-growing commune of only 1,800 people. Expats lucky enough to secure accommodation in this highly sought after commune have a choice between living in the new purpose-built apartments or in a traditional 18th century wood-framed house.

Flurlingen is not just a pretty face: the commune boasts what is arguably the best primary school in the area as well as one of the lowest tax rates in the area making it the number one choice for highly paid expats as well as young families.

Neuhausen – Close to some of the newly re-located companies, Neuhausen offers plenty of cheap accommodation. However, the ugly concrete centre and high taxes means that Neuhausen is a commune that many Swiss and Expats would not be seen dead in. 

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